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Approaching the End by Peter Labuza

Approaching the End: Imagining Apocalypse in American Film - Peter Labuza

An examination of the apocalypse in cinema and how it relates to film noir, the genre / style that fascinated Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s. The author, Peter Labuza, is a film critic and PhD candidate in critical studies, as well as the host of The Cinephiliacs podcast.

I feel like my understanding of noir film greatly increased while reading this book. I particularly liked the discussion about whether noir can be considered a genre through subject matter or narrative form, style, or something in-between. I also loved the interpretation of what can be considered “the apocalypse” after World War II: beyond the special effects filled explosions of many movies, what interests Peter Labuza is how humanity’s moral, physical and emotional boundaries are pushed to the edge, and what can be found beyond that edge. My cinematic watch list grew with this book, since I haven’t watched many of the earliest movies discussed, such as Kiss Me Deadly (1955), The Big Heat (1953) and God Told Me To (1976). The book is permeated with a sense of humor and genuine love for the works discussed, which is something that I always like to see from academic writers.

Recommended if you’re a film buff, or simply an enthusiast like me.  


Note: I got this book for review purposes through NetGalley.