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Exposições by Fátima Marques Pereira

Exposições - Fátima Marques Pereira

Part of a collection that aims to study and reflect upon the public and audiences for cultural endeavors, this book, coordinated by Fátima Marques Pereira (full disclosure: she was my professor in college), explores exhibitions and the various themes surrounding this vast area of studies that, unfortunately, has had little critical advances in Portugal.


The book features an array of contributions from many different people, from curators, to artists, to organizers, in varying quality. I specially liked the interview with João Paulo Velez, director of of Communication of the wildly sucessful EXPO 98, the universal exhibition set in Lisbon.


I appreciate how hard it must have been to publish a collection of books in such a specific (and potentially not profitable) topic, and I applaud the initiative.