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Fundamentos de Gestão

Fundamentos de Gestão - Carlos A. Marques Pinto,  Rolando B- Rodrigues,  José A. M. Salgado Rodrigues,  Américo dos Santos,  Luís T. Melo,  Maria Arnaldina Dias Moreira

This book provides a decent introduction to general management, as well as touching on the most important points of more specialized topics. Even though the blurb claims that this is good for those just starting to study this subject, I found that many times - specially in financial management - explanations weren't very clear, and would require some background to be fully understood. Also, I didn't appreciate the sarcastic comments about state companies. Despite the obvious problems they might have, they're not all bad, and not everyone who works in them is a brainless old drone (they don't exactly say this, this was just the general tone whenever the state was mentioned).


Still, it has a lot of useful information, and I learned quite a bit from it.