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Fables Vol. 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers

Fables, Vol. 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers - Craig Hamilton, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Bill Willingham, P. Craig Russell

The Fables series has become a definite "keeper" for me, one of those comic book series that I'm sure I'm going to follow as long as they exist. After a shaky start on volume 1, the series gets progressively better.


From the very beginning of the series, we've heard stories of "The Adversary" and how he brutally conquered the Fable homelands, forcing the inhabitants to flee to our world, and enslaving those who weren't lucky enough to make it out of there. But so far, the stories have followed events within the Fable community itself, and this issue is the first in which we catch a glimpse at the threat that drove them out of their homelands.


The book starts with Boy Blue telling Snow White the story of the day the last ship of refugees headed for the safety of our world. This, for me, was the point where I started to look past the Fables' cynical personalities, because it really shows the hardships they've been through, and the sacrifices they all had to make. When the first Fable to escape in over a century shows up at their doorstep, the community is divided into those who rejoice, and the more sensible ones who suspect such a miracle. The story spirals into the first truly epic event we see in the series, and all the characters get an opportunity to shine in their own way.


In my opinion, this was the best volume so far. Great character development, with even the annoying characters like Jack or Rose Red going up a few notches in my consideration (though still not enough for me to actually like them). Prince Charming is developing into one of the most interesting characters as well, since I'm never sure if I hate him or think he's okay. The art is still lovely, with the James Jean's covers stealing the show every time. And the little details scattered through the story (like the way Prince Charming and the Beast manipulate Beauty so her husband can properly join the battle) are awesome.


Definitely recommended!