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Como se Faz Uma Tese em Ciências Humanas

Como se Faz uma Tese em Ciências Humanas - Umberto Eco, Ana Falcão Bastos, Luís Leitão

I'm currently enrolled in a Master's program and about to start working on my thesis in Museum Studies. Since I used to be a Medicine student, I'm more familiar with scientific research, so I wanted a book that was more focused on other kinds of works. This one by Umberto Eco seems to be regarded as the authority in the matter.


It was a nice read (even if the author can seem rather unorthodox at times) and overall quite useful. I read an older edition so the research chapters are painfully dated (no internet back in those days), but I don't mind because it's helpful to know what to do in those cases when the library you want to use doesn't have a completely digitalized catalog.


Overall, useful, specially if you're, like me, just starting out.