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Bad Science

Bad Science - Ben Goldacre

Warning: Do not read this book. A study* has shown that reading this book increases your chance of developing depression by 70% and you will be twice more likely to develop a headache and losing your belief in mankind.


So, for example, the next time one of your smoker friends tells you that they saw a news story about a study that proves smoking doesn’t cause cancer, don’t ask them what kind of study it was, who did it, how it was carried out, or who financed it. Instead, admit your obvious ignorance, since you’re not a scientist and the people who did the study are, and even they can never seem to agree on anything, judging from all the studies you see in newspapers. Besides, you have a friend whose coworker’s grandmother smoked her entire life and she’s healthy as horse, so that proves cancer has nothing to do with smoking. High-fives all around.


Whatever you do, just don’t read this book.


* This study had a total of one (1) depressed subject being tested. Methodology included smacking this depressed person in the head with this book. The subject reported no improvement in his condition, but did show clear signs of annoyance and anger and appeared to feel pain in his head. The subject did not know he was being tested, therefore the placebo effect was nullified so there was no need for a control subject. This study was conducted on a well-respected medical research institute (on their parking lot) and included a highly-respected, published scientist in its team (the subject being smacked).