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The Umbrella Academy: Dallas

The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 2: Dallas - Gabriel Bá, Gerard Way, Neil Gaiman

I loved the first volume of this series, so I was looking forward to reading this one.


Following the near apocalypse and all the crazy stuff that happened on Vol.1, we meet the characters as they try to figure out how to move on, when some of the things that happened left scars that will never be healed. The siblings are scattered and broken, left to their own personal vices and grudges. But when a mysterious organization (of which we had a glimpse on the first volume) travels through time to hunt Number Five and threatens to destroy Earth, they have to unite their powers again to prevent it.


I have to admit it's a little difficult to describe what actually happens. There are so many storylines, so many loose ends, that I wasn't even sure what the story was as I was reading it. And that was my main problem with this volume. It was much more confusing and all over the place than volume one. At times it almost felt like there was no thread connecting everything, and some situations appear to be an excuse to give cool one-liners or scenes. Things get better midway, after the fantastic "Heaven" scene, though.


However, the characters are still some of the most unique ones you can find in comics (Séance is currently my favourite), and Gerard Way does have some of the craziest ideas ever, and that alone makes the comics worth reading. Gabriel Bá's artwork gets even better in this issue. And you do get a lot of pretty amazing moments that you didn't see coming... I just wish it was less messy and more coherent. Still, highly recommended!