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Moon Called

Moon Called  - Patricia Briggs

I was looking for something different to read, and since I had never read any books of the urban fantasy genre, I searched a bit and this series seemed like a good place to start.


I enjoyed it. It's definitely not the kind of book I'm used to reading, being very action-driven and quick to read, but I enjoyed the characters and the world-building. Characters are easily the most important thing to me in adventure books, and this one had a really interesting main one. I also liked how the book explored the dynamics of the werewolf society (actually, we get glimpses into the lives of vampires and other "fae" as well, but the main story revolves around werewolves). The society was, for me at least, annoyingly sexist, but I suppose that is to be expected since they are pretty much a blend of a common human society and a pack of wolves. Besides, the female character, Mercedes (not a werewolf herself, but a shape-shifter, theoretically weaker but definitely more resourceful) apparently resented it as much as I did, and that had a positive effect on me.


The story was fairly simple. The book seemed more focused on exploring the characters and the relationships between them, which is fine by me. Don't have much else to say about it, except that it was perhaps a bit too superficial for my tastes, but it was a good read nonetheless, and I will be checking out the rest of the series.