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Last Features: East German Cinema's Lost Generation by Reinhild Steingröver

Last Features: East German Cinema's Lost Generation - Reinhild Steingreover

It hadn’t occurred to me until I read this book, but when I think about German film, it usually means thinking about films from the Western tradition of unified Germany. “Last Features" focuses on the films from the last generation of DEFA directors, the state-owned film studio in GDR, which challenge the dominating historical perspectives.

This book is the result of remarkable research work by the author, but unfortunately, for me, that was not enough to keep me interested. It was interesting to read the individual films’ analysis, but other than that, the text seemed to be going around in circles, often repeating the same ideas, which lowered my interest considerably. So, unfortunately, not recommended, unless you have a specific research interest in the subject matter.


Note: I got this book for review purposes through NetGalley.