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The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay

The Brilliant History of Color in Art - Victoria Finlay

Having studied art history, I was somewhat familiar with the history of the use and symbology of color, but I knew little about the historical and social origins of each color. This book has contributed to filling that gap in my education. It is a history of colours organised around colours instead of following a chronological order, which contributes to the fleshing out of each color in a way that prevents them from “blending” into another (pun intended).

Written with a younger audience in mind, this book would probably be at home in an art class for teens. It is informative, captivating and easy to read. It is also lavishly illustrated with works of art and supporting materials. The stories are presented in such a way that it read like the best History books: as a succession of fascinating stories about Human ingenuity.

It will certainly influence the way I look at colours (in art and elsewhere) from now on.


Note: I got this book for review purposes through NetGalley.