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The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone - Stephen King

First things first. The edition of this book that I read has one of the ugliest book covers I have ever seen. Making a cover around baby pink and hot pink is, in my opinion, a very bad idea, no matter what. Of course, one might argue that it's a question of personal preference, and you shouldn't judge a book by its cover... But I'm going to be honest and say I winced every time I went to pick it up.


Anyway. This is the third book by Stephen King that I've read, the other two being The Shining and The Eyes of the Dragon. I absolutely loved The Shining; comparatively, The Eyes of the Dragon was a huge disappointment. I still have a hard time believing they were written by the same person. So I approached The Dead Zone not really knowing what to expect.


At first I was let down. The first 70 pages or so seemed to drag along without really saying anything. I couldn't understand or feel anything for the characters, in fact I felt like I was being led to feel sympathy for them (here we have John Smith, such a nice young fellow with his life ahead of him, who is going to be in a terrible accident, oh and he's in love to boot, the poor thing) and, oddly, it was having the exact opposite effect. It wasn't until the accident that the book got interesting. At that moment, all the characters just seemed to snap out of it and come to life. Then afterwards, Johnny woke up, and I was hooked.


There are a lot of side stories in this book, all of which converge at some point or another at Johnny's life. It's interesting to see the characters evolve, their views changing and their reactions towards what they can't, or won't understand change according to their personalities. Politics, religion, violence, destiny, fate, fear, choice, lost hopes, it all comes together in Johnny's mind.


If you like Stephen King, then I heartily recommend reading this book. If you've never read any of his books, this isn't the one I'd recommend to start with, but it's still pretty good.