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Books V. Cigarettes

Books v. Cigarettes - George Orwell

This is a collection of seven short essays by the wonderful George Orwell. I really enjoyed reading this, it was interesting to get a perspective of how things were back in the time he wrote this and compare them to what they are now. His analysis of people's reading habits, and the comparison between what they spend on books and another entertainments, was particularly compelling. It was fascinating to read his description of book critics, and how they would probably become obsolete (in regards to the way they worked then) because the readers should be the ones who make reviews for other readers. That's kind of what happens now!


The first five essays are less closely related to books and literature, while the last two can be better described as auto-biographical essays (about his childhood and his experience as a patient in a French hospital). All in all, I enjoyed reading this book, and recommend it.